Trust is our biggest asset


Basic trust – this is what Switzerland, CORUM’s home country, stands for. Stability, dependability and confidentiality are all values reflecting the Swiss way of doing business. With its roots firmly planted in Switzerland, CORUM identifies strongly with these values.


CORUM offers you the best in strategic asset management: independence.
Financial and political freedom ensure that CORUM acts independently at all times. Thanks to our international network, we are in a position to achieve the perfect balance between the rejection of unnecessary risks and the recognition and assumption of profitable risks.


Our clients’ privacy and the confidential treatment of all client files is of paramount importance to us. At the same time, we offer maximum transparency, disclosing the activities and objectives we pursue to increase client assets. Transparency builds trust.


Profitable investment activities are our core business. Clients funds, our elementary asset, take first priority! We put all our efforts into identifying suitable investment solutions and steadily increasing your assets. Creating value is the basis of our success.